Thunder is a feature length film about Canadian folk-singer Ferron. Thunder is not your average documentary. It doesn’t give us a timeline approach, nor does it tell Ferron’s life story. Instead, Cavallaro and Bitch capture a ‘window into the artist’—where we are affected on a subconscious level. It tells the tale of an intergenerational friendship that explores ideas of legacy vs. invisibility and the artist vs. the world.

Directed by: Billie Jo Cavallaro and Bitch

Produced by: Billie Jo Cavallaro, Bitch and Leslie Gearhart

Executive Produced by: Iann K Haggeman



More about Thunder here:


Lighten-ing is an accompaning album to the film of Ferron’s songs.

Produced by: Bitch

Recorded and Mixed @ the Sonic Factory, Des Moines IA by: Skyler VanWalbeek

Executive Produced by: Billie Jo Cavallaro and Leslie Gearhart



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